Dec 11

Belinda Carlisle for the Cross

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The Cross girls jump at the chance for a good dance, so imagine our toe-tapping delight when we heard that we are going to be working with Belinda Carlisle!

Having fronted glittering girl band The Go Go’s, Belinda later enjoyed great success as a solo artist, secured in our hearts with the legendary  Heaven is a place on Earth.

Originally from LA, Belinda and her husband of 26 years Morgan Mason now share their time between France and India, giving Belinda the chance to follow new passions outside of music.

“With both of our professions, we can live anywhere, so we thought, why not live our dream? I’ve been to India a few times, and I love it so much that I got a little place there too. I do a lot of yoga and have a little business there.”

We’re delighted to be working with Belinda in her business ‘Belindia’ – introducing  a new and exciting line of fine Indian textiles.

The Cross

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